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Chimney Repair in Metro Detroit

Serving Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties in Michigan.

Chimney Repair Services

Lonik Brick Chimney Repair Services

Lonik Contracting offers popular chimney repair services as listed below. We have the experience and capabilities to handle small chimney restorations or very large restorations. We are trusted and accomplished masons that can handle all of your brick repair, concrete repair or any other construction or repair need you may have.

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Lonik Brick Masons in Oakland County Michigan

You Can Rely On Our Masonry Repair Professionals

Cracked Chimney Crown

Your chimney’s crown is the first defense for your chimney. If there are cracks in the crown water will enter here. Water that has entered here will ultimately freeze. Freezing water is concrete’s enemy! If you catch this wear and tear early enough, our professionals can also seal this area for minor damage to the crown.

Cracks in Brick Mortar Joints

Our professionals will inspect your chimney’s mortar joints. If there are loose bricks or crumbling mortar, this will surely need to be addressed. Replacing loose or damaged bricks is reserved for more extensive damage, but minor damage must also be addressed. Minor cracks in mortar joints can be sealed.

Loose or Damaged Flashing

If the existing flashing is loose or damaged, we will repair or replace the flashing in order to prevent any water from entering the chimney system.

Flue Repair

Flues can become damaged or blocked over time, causing build-up and potential fire hazards. Lonik Contracting will clean, repair, or replace your flue to minimize these risks.

Water Damage to the Chimney’s Masonry

If water has already entered the chimney system, it may have already caused water damage to the interior of your home. This damage can be extensive and often not found until it is too late. Repairing water damage to the interior of your home can be very expensive and should be considered a possible future expense when operating a fireplace.

Serving all of Southeast Michigan

including Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, Bloomfield, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Warren, Farmington Hills & more.

Client Testimonials

Great Workmanship

I can't say enough. After talking to two other masons, they were the ONLY company who knew how to fix our unique masonry on our 92 year old house and at a really competitive price. - Kevin R., Farmington Hills

Fast and Responsive Service

Excellent service, quick response and efficient quality workmanship! Highly recommend! Will definitely utilize their services in the future! - Jim K., Birmingham, MI.

Reliable Brick Masons

These guys are terrific. I had a large job to replace decorative bricks in a concrete sidewalk. They were prompt, worked hard and offered several suggestions to make the job more attractive. I highly recommend them! - Albert G., West Bloomfield, MI.

Very Professional

We hired lonik masonry to rebuild our chimney cap and the top eight feet of our chimney which was falling apart due to water damage from the cracked cap. They were incredibly responsive and professional. - Kim H, Bloomfield Hills, MI.

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