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Bloomfield Hills, MI. Masonry & Brick Repair Contractor

Local Brick Masons in Oakland County, MI.

Lonik Brick & Masonry Repair Services

Brick Repair & Masonry Repair Service in Bloomfield Hills

Are you searching for brick repair near me in Bloomfield Hills, or tuckpointing brick & chimney repair services in Bloomfield Hills? Lonik Contracting has highly experienced masons in Oakland County Michigan, and whatever masonry service you need, we can handle it.

Bloomfield Hills, MI. Masonry & Brick Repair Contractor

Lonik Brick Masons in Oakland County Michigan

Masonry, Brick and Chimney Repair Service

Brick and mortar buildings in Bloomfield Hills are longstanding symbols of strength, durability, and quality. Lonik Contracting offers comprehensive commercial and residential masonry repair services in Bloomfield Hills and the surrounding cities, and we take on projects of virtually any size.


Here are a few of the sectors we serve:

  • Government & Corporate
  • Education & Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • Residential & Multi-tenant Properties
  • Industrial & Commercial Buildings
  • Churches, Schools and much more!

Bloomfield Hills Masonry and Concrete Restoration Services

Tuckpointing in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

  • Masonry structures are built to endure many lifetimes.
  • Mortar is the material that binds brick, block, and stone together.
  • Water can damage mortar joints, but routine maintenance restores them.
  • Special mortar is used for different applications, and proper tuckpointing is the key to keep structures strong for generations.

Masonry & Chimney Repair in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

From chimney repointing, rebuilding, and waterproofing to full brick and stone restoration, you can rest assured that our talented team of masons at Lonik Contracting will be able to transform your home. As our customer, you will always come first. We take the time to listen to your needs and will be professional and courteous as we work on your home. Contact us today when you are seeking a chimney mason contractor in Bloomfield Hills.

Brick & Stone Patch and Repair Services

Bloomfield Hills Michigan is subject to many freeze and thaw cycles each year, and weather and water work together to cause damage to buildings and other structures. We can repair this type of damage and restore the masonry conditions to new.

Decorative Masonry Repair & Construction

Fine masonry craftsmanship is timeless and speaks for itself. Lonik Contracting is passionate about the beauty of historic masonry structures.

Caulking and Sealing

Different building materials move differently, and to address these movement troubles, we can make ‘soft’ joints with caulking that stay flexible. Over time, however, UV light damages caulking, so routine maintenance is critical to keep water away.

Reliable Brick Masons Bloomfield Hills

Lonik Contracting LLC in Bloomfield Hills is a full-service masonry repair contractor serving Oakland County and Southeast Michigan. Our process begins with a comprehensive understanding of our Client’s expectations, and a project centered approach. This helps us maximize efficiency and deliver a complete, single-source solution that meets your budget, exceeds your schedule, and meets long-term performance goals. If you need “Brick Wall Repair in Bloomfield Hills”, or you’re searching for “brick repair contractors near me” then don’t hesitate to call us. We are expert masons that can handle all of your masonry repairs.